Branding Agency from Poland


Working on brands since 1991, we have been gaining experience in brand creation, communication and planning of brand development. We are successful thanks to a good team with vast expertise and experience, which are used at all stages in our work. Tango Branding Agency is a founding member of the Polish Chamber of Flexography.

What do we do?

Tango – Branding Agency specialises in packaging design and product photography, with a particular focus on the food industry, as part of the development of a comprehensive visual identity of new products and their remarketing. We design graphics and construction. We operate in the field of naming and corporate visual identity.

How do we work?

We start from the brand strategy. As a branding agency, we are aware of the importance of taking analytical actions before the first creative actions. We look for answers to questions about the environment in which the brand functions, the content and target audience of its message, as well as the tools used for this purpose and the manner in which they are used. A good strategy corresponds to effective communication, that is good sales.

Experienced designers create a brand visualisation based on briefs prepared by strategists. We want such concepts to correspond to the assumptions of the brief but also to present points of view of several designers. We approach each project individually. This is why we try to diversify our proposals. Our customers receive the best work (after discussions and confrontations within the company), which becomes the point of departure for the discussion of the final effect. The brand image, its design and packaging design is the outcome of joint actions.