The product will not sell itself on its own. This is why we create a sales and promotion plan with breakdown into ATL and BTL channels. The plan includes a detailed division into various channels, including internal sales channels and the internal marketing department. At this stage, we will develop the plans of content marketing strategy, website design, promotion on the Internet and in the media.

The last element of our work consists in the development of a media plan, that is the detailed costs of promotional activities. The plan includes the division of costs into: the sales channel (including the costs of employment, purchase of equipment, etc.) and the source of an individual channel. The media plan is developed in Excel, including the planned leads, revenues and ROI.

We rely on market research at each stage of strategy development. Market research provides important data that are necessary in responding to marketing challenges that a business will probably have to face. It is an integral part of the business planning process. In reality, such strategies as market segmentation (identification of specific groups on the market) and differentiation of products (creation of a product identity or services that distinguish the product from its competitors) cannot be implemented without market research.

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