The graphic designing of product packaging is only one part of all designing activities whose goal is to create a brand. Packaging designing is a specialty of our team. We have been operating in this field since the establishment of the Tango Advertising Agency.

How is packaging designed?

Packaging is designed following a complex process that combines the work of numerous experts: project managers, packaging constructors, conception creators, drawers, sign and pictogram experts and DTP specialists. We employ experts with experience in the creation of spatial projects. We propose to the customer the form of unit packaging, collective packaging, logistical packaging or promotional packaging with proper protection measures and fillers (girders, mouldings, etc.), as well as display stands. We optimise the sheet size, amount and layout of off-cuts on the puncher according to the needs of our customers and the manufacturer’s requirements.

The design stage requires quick contact with the customer. The person responsible for it in the Tango Agency is our project manager, who stays in touch with customers through the Tango Design web platform built on Web Center by Esko. – The platform combines all the activities and documents related to the project. It makes it possible to track arrangements, remarks and recommendations through the history of changes and adjustments. This requires making decisions at each stage of the process. The platform allows for document management via Web, ensuring the security of document storage. An advanced acceptance system allows for multilateral acceptance.

Technologies used in the process of designing product packaging

We have specialist Cape Pack software, which supports the packaging process. We are able to simulate the layout of unit packaging in collective packaging and the layout of the latter on a pallet. Thanks to such simulations, we determine the most favourable product stock, presenting it in the form of a personalised report.

At the design stage, we are supported by ESKO software. Our graphic designers do not just work on a spread puncher. They have also access to a 3D window with a view of the packaging body. They may easily present a simulation of the body view with an inscription and a set of finishings to be produced in the printing house: embossing, cold and hot stamping, varnishes, holographic foils, etc. Our customer may receive a visualisation of packaging in the form of a photograph, a rotable block or a film. We create also 3D views of: products, packaging, stocked stands or pallets.